Versatile, creative video fan & marketing strategist

And totally into authentic marketing.

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Hi! I’m Marisa van Velzen.

I’m a big fan of Growth. Big Improvements, Fresh Ideas. Helping ambitious entrepreneurs to make the world a bit nicer, better and more fun.

I’m a big fan of video, because you can show so much more with it, and achieve with it. Authenticity makes that more beautiful, and commercially more effective. Nothing better than making real connections and telling compelling stories.

I also stand for thoroughness, going in-depth, putting in a strong base to build on. I think a lot of entrepreneurs can achieve more with a solid marketing strategy, and I love to help them with that.

What makes it nice & convenient to work with me?



I can help you with a wide range of topics, be it strategic, creative, or technically.



I deliver creative ideas in all areas and help you to bring up your best ideas.



You’ll always get a fast and clear answer, you can always reach me.



I always challenge the status quo: What could be even better? What’s the next level?



I’m always eager to dive into nice projects to quickly deliver results.



We’ll always have clear agreements, so you’ll know what you can expect.

Experience & background

Due to my versatility, I’ve held different roles throughout my career. In them, I’ve used my 3 main talents – analysis, creation and communication – differently each time. I’m a true generalist – interested in many areas, very curious, and a very fast learner.

I come from a technical background (IT / software development), but also have experience in design, management and communication roles surrounding it. In my current work, I combine my talents to support employers and entrepreneurs with marketing in the broadest sense of the word.

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