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Video marketing for recruitment & employer branding - Marisa Marketing

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Bring more & the right people in with video marketing

With authentic video for recruitment and employer branding

Learn what video can do for you

Hard to fill open positions? Hard to stand out as an employer?

Use authentic video marketing and give your employer branding a boost.

  • Are you struggling to find enough candidates for a vacancy?
  • Do you notice you’re not getting people that fit well in your organization?

Then authentic video marketing can help you to attract the right people more easily.

  • Do you regularly have vacancies, and are you spending a lot of time/money on recruitment?
  • Are you noticing it takes quite some effort to make yourself visible as an attractive employer?

Then strategic use of video can make your brand as employer more visible and make your recruitment more efficient.

Authentic video marketing attracts more of the right kind of people

People love to join, if you can show them, but especially let them feel, that it’s great to work for you. They want to get a feeling for the kind of people that work for you, the atmosphere on the floor, and of course, the kind of work they’d be doing. And that can be done perfectly with video.
But not with 
perfect videos.

Perfectly polished videos don’t really work.

Managers  that drum up their lines neatly, employees that “spontaneously” add a note, ending in stereotypical Friday drinks… The viewer of this type of videos gained nearly zero feeling for your organization. But meanwhile, you’re down a large amount.


Authentic video: Easier, more effective, and cheaper

This is what authentic video marketing will bring you as an employer.


Show, don't tell

Video reveals all: What kind of people work with you, what the place looks like, and much more.


Connect with your authenticity

By truly showing your organization, you make a connection with people on a deeper level.


It's easier to show what makes you unique

In a crowded labour market, it’s much easier to show what makes you a special employer.


Simplicity saves you time and money

Authentic videos simply cost less time and money, because they’re not super-polished productions.

Sounds good? Have a look at the types of video you can use to empower your recruitment below.

Videos you can use for recruitment and employer branding

You can tell your story as an employer: From a general company/organizational video, or specific role, to a beautiful testimonial of an employee.


What do you get?

  • An authentic, professional company video of 3 to 4 minutes
  • Plenty of attention for your mission, vision, passion, and people
  • In-depth interviews with key people
  • Your authentic, distinctive story in word and moving image, short but powerful

How does it help?

This will give viewers a deeper insight and feel more of a connection with you and your organization.


What do you get?

  • An authentic, professional video of 2-3 minutes
  • Plenty of attention for the specific environment and relevant people
  • Impression of the organization in general
  • Appealing highlights of this position expressed shortly but powerfully.

How does it help?

This will make viewers feel like they’re really getting to know your organization and increases likability of the job.


What do you get?

  • An authentic, professional testimonial video of 1-2 minutes.
  • A beautiful story with full attention for the personal work experience of the employee
  • Clear mention of the advantages of working for your organization

How does it help?

This will give viewers a deeper insight into the actual, personal experience of working in your organization.

Effective promotion with a complete step-by-step plan

With just video you’re not done yet, unfortunately. Solid promotion on your site, social media and elsewhere is essential for actual success. That’s what you’ll get a complete step-by-step plan for this, included with every video.

Would you like assistance with execution? I can help with detailed communication advice, and copywriting for your site. Would you like to use ads, for more reach? I can help with that too. Just ask for the possibilities.

Here’s how we do it: 4 easy steps, thorough but relaxed

This is how we’ll work together.


Intake with a video call

In this call, we’ll discuss high-level matters, such as the marketing and communication strategy, the main goal and content of the video.


Gathering further details

Using a questionnaire, and photos / videos you make yourself on your location, we collect the necessary details.


Shoot on location

On location we’ll record the necessary material, in about half a day. I’ll do this alone, so you won’t get a whole crew to deal with.


Review & delivery

After review and possibly adjustments, the video is delivered, ready for online publishing.

In a rush? No problem.

If you need something done fast, in a few days or so, give me a call.

Examples of authentic video work

My portfolio

I’m currently building up my portfolio for recruitment video. I have some materials, which I will share as soon as my clients allow me.
To be clear, I’ve got experience covering events, doing interviews, promotional videos, and of course vlog videos  for my own use.

Below you can view a recent video, in which the focus was on spontaneous responses from speakers and visitors (English spoken).

Do you want to get ahead with video? Let’s have a chat.

Would you like to step up your recruitment? Or maybe you have some questions or doubts? Let me know, I’ll be happy to help you.

Please fill out your contact details below, then I’ll be in touch with you within 2 working days. You can also reach me via Facebook Messenger (use the chat icon in the bottom right corner on this page). 

10 + 12 =

Why work with me?

  • I work from a strategic perspective, with an eye for the full marketing picture for you as an employer, for the short and long term.
  • With complex stories, I can dig in and get to the essence very quickly, also when technology plays a role.
  • I can not only make videos, but am also an excellent copywriter, and have broad online marketing experience.

Of course I’ll be happy to share more about my background, experience and vision on (video) marketing.

Marketing strategy: The clarity you need to grow and succeed

I also help entrepreneurs that have difficulty growing and want to improve their marketing, to get clarity in all fundamental aspects. That makes it a lot easier to stand out, and communicate your offering clearly and convincingly  to your target market.

Having trouble distinguishing yourself as an attractive employer?

As an employer you need marketing too. But it can be quite hard to show the world what makes you a great employer. For this I can also give you strategic advice, so that you can create a strong employer brand, and attract personnel more easily.